Getting Started

We encourage you to schedule an appointment with one of our Wedding experts three to six weeks before the wedding to discuss the details of your big day. If you are planning an August or September wedding, it’s best to start your suit or tuxedo search in April or May as many factories are closed for the month of July.

Important details such as when and where the wedding will be held, the chosen colour theme, and the size of the wedding party are discussed at this time.

We offer a premium selection of suits and tuxedo’s, including off-the-rack, or made to measure. Our wedding experts will guide you through the process, by showing you options and offering expertise that is best suited for you and your wedding party.  

Should members of your wedding party be located outside of Regina or Saskatchewan we can help accommodate fitting, if required.

Off the Rack

An off-the-rack suit or tuxedo is made to fit the average gentlemen. Though offered in standard sizes, minor alterations can make the garment fit you perfectly. Most men can find an off-the-rack garment that fits them very well. Our wedding experts notate any adjustments to the garments to accommodate your posture and ensure an elegant silhouette with the help of in-house tailors.

We carry off-the-rack brands from around the world, including HUGO BOSS, Coppley, Jack Victor, Pal Zileri, Samuelsohn, and Strellson.

Starting from $598.00

Made to Measure

The made-to-measure experience begins by choosing a suit or tuxedo fabric with the guidance of our wedding expert.  Following your fabric choice, precise measurements will be taken and your personalized details, such as the look of the jacket lining, the style of the vents and pockets, and button options will then be finalised.  

We offer Made to Measure from leading Canadian and European brands including Coppley, Pal Zileri, and Samuelsohn.

Starting from $1098.00

Personalize With Accessories

Complete you look by accessorizing. Our selection of ties, bow ties, cufflinks, suspenders, pocket squares, socks and dress shoes give you the opportunity to personalize a suit or tuxedo and make it your own


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